Low Level Bracket



With this additional bracket you can lower your 4 way leveller as low as possible. Or even rise it if the shot is calling for it.

Can be used on all excisting TwinDolly’s


Cinec 2016

We will be showing our products at the upcoming Cinec in Munich (september 17-19th) Booth 3E22.


We will bring the usual suspects as the TwinDolly as well as the CenterFold Straight and Curved. Also the BarTrack XL will be up for demo.

Furthermore we are proud to announce that we will be reselling both the AeroCrane as well as the Aurora-remothead from now on.

Looking forward meeting you in Munich!

Curved Tracks now also as Centerfold

SolidGripSystems Curved Tracks are now also available as Centerfold. With this new type of crosstie, already used on our straight tracks, you will effectively reduce the packing size of a curved section by 50%.
 Centerfold Curved 300 x 212

And what does Geoff Boyle (DoP and CML founder) thinks about our TwinDolly?

“I’ve seen the Solid Grip Twin Tube at a number of shows and whilst it looked
good I just kinda thought of it as another slider.
After using it for 4 weeks I’ve completely changed my mind, it’s now an
indispensable part of my kit, I can’t imaging going out on a shoot without
I’ve had a system with about 15′ of track and the only complaint that I have
is that I didn’t have 2 systems as I had 2 cameras..
It’s incredibly fast to rig and level, this could be even faster with small
bubbles on each joint, we’ve had it on stairs, across bars, on the floor, on
lighting stands on camera cases.
I don’t care what budget I’m working to I want this every time!”

Solid Grip Systems expansion

The worldwide acceptance of our products strongly increased over the last few years, resulting in a steady growth.
To ensure our quality level and to create more opportunities for product improvement and product development, SolidGripSystems is now enforced with an additional partner. Onno Perdijk will use his knowledge and extensive experience to focus on improvement of the current product range and for the development of new products.
Logistics, supplier control and not in the last place quality control will be the focus areas for Eric Tollenaar. Knowledge and experience in these disciplines are build up in an international technical support environment.

Both partners will fully control the in-house manufacturing process, safeguarding this unique selling point of SolidGripSystems.

All of our products are manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands, following high quality standards. We trust that this change will make SolidGripSytems a strong and reliable partner, delivering high quality grip equipment for an affordable price.