Our core business is manufacturing tracks and track based products like  TwinDolly,  TrussDolly and TrackJack. We have set our goal to make easy to use products for an affordable price.

All our products are mainly made of aluminum, hard anodized. So it is as lightweight as possible, yet very sturdy through its designed extrusion.

Our track joints are made of stainless steel with a H7H8 fitting. They are glued by a special process so no distortion to the aluminum structure has been made. This guarantees a perfect ride. The extruded aluminum tubes can carry a payload over 2500 kg.

All our products are being used by rental houses, grips and owner/operators. We have an open communication with them regarding the quality and the maintaining of their items. We are open for further developments.


Some of our customers are non film industries with their respective high demands of quality and safety. Like the aviation, nautical and medical industry.



BarTrack Advantages

  • 25% less weight than conventional steel track.
  • 40% less supporting wood needed when leveling for standard dolly operations.
  • Capable to carry up to 2000 kg of dolly weight. No more sagging tracks when using heavy camera cranes.
  • Quick and easy leveling.
  • Very little friction makes the track the ideal solution for very slow dolly moves.
  • Non corrosive and sturdy yet simple construction: precision milled stainless steel joints.
  • Extremely smooth movements, non shaking, no bumps.  Even when using very long lenses.
  • Damage joints are replaceable without shortening or damaging the track.
  • Scissor track, Rigid track or CenterFold track. Many standardized sizes and custom made lengths are available.