Product Pictures

Product Pictures / Catalogue TwinDollySystem

TWD 200
TwinDolly with a 4WayLeveler, Mitchell base.


TWD 150
TwinDolly with 150mm bowl.


TWD 100
TwinDolly with 100mm bowl.


TWD 075
TwinDolly with 75mm bowl.


TDA 300
TwinSliderBase: To convert your TwinTube and TwinDolly into a full-sized slider.


TDA 105
100mm leveler: For attaching underneath a TwinTube joint when using your camera tripod.


TTF 300
Flight case for set of TwinTubes TT120, TT100 and TT080

TDA 210

TDA 200


TDA 150 
150mm bowl


TDA 100
100mm bowl


TDA 075
 75mm bowl


TDA 190
LowLevelBracket: to loose an additional 5cm from minimal camera-heigt, to be used with 4-way-leveller only


TDA 4**
BasePlate: a set of plates and rods to extend the versatility of the TwinDolly, You can raise your camera-fitting in steps of 5cm or use the euro-adapter to go anywhere.




TDA 4**
BasePlate: Just some option how to get around with thgis set




TDA 180
BowlRisers: To raise your bowl leveler to either fit your tie-down or to raise your shot a little and prevent the TwinTube to be part of your image.


TTA 100
To prevent damages always use the EndStop at each end of the TwinTube. A set consists of two pieces.


TDA 190
Set of allen key and 13-spanner. Needed to adjust gauge of the wheels of the TwinDolly.


We offer different lengths of sleepers underneath the TwinTube. The medium ones are recommended. The longer type can be used together with the furniture leveling bolts, while the TwinDolly still can pass.



TTA 200
Junior Stud 28mm



A-Variant with Tie Down

TDA 300
Variant with Tie Down and TwinSliderBase  


with Tie Down


Underslung TwinDolly (example)

TDC 045
Inlay TwinDolly + acc. Pelicase 1650

TDF 100
Flightcase TwinDolly + accessories

Nested Appleboxes