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TWD 200 TwinDolly with 4way leveler

The TwinDolly is a blended dolly/slider combination in an effective, solid design.  Together with TwinTube it is comparative with the old school camrail. It has the same elements as a slider but it is definitely more versatile. It is a simple small dolly and track system for more heavy cameras like Arricam or a fully equipped Red or Alexa/Amira/SonyF65.

The TwinDolly can be equipped with all camerahead fittings, straight or under a slight slope. A tip protection will prevent the camera and dolly from falling of the TwinTube. A rotating arm will prevent the BNC for stumbling the wheels. The additional TwinDollyMotor makes it possible to have a motorized TwinDolly, controlled by your ready available Remote Focus Control.