BarTrack XL

IMG_20150131_144443      XL-BarTrack

Newly developed and unique in its kind: the BarTrack XL.
Designed to put your more than heavy cranes on tracks. Cranes up to the high end, heavy duty MovieBird 60!
But not limited to cranes only. The options are almost limitless. Anything up to 4,5 tons can be put on tracks.

The Bartracks XL consists of multiple dual track sections that allows you to create any preferred width in any preferred lengths.
This makes the BarTrack XL the ultimate multi-purpose and multi usable piece of track.
Each of the 4 sledges will hold a crane wheel or stand. But image all other constructions you can build on these sledges!

The above picture is an impression of the BarTrack XL with the MB 60 as shown on a tradeshow in London earlier this year.